kenvin lyman

Kenvin Lyman was born, raised and educated through high school in Payson, Utah, where he graduated in 1960. His formal education in art includes a B.S. in Art Education and an M.F.A. in Experimental Media (a degree that he invented with the permission of his graduate committee) from the University of Utah. He has taught art at all levels from chiIdren's classes to specialized graduate classes. He was the Director of the Computer Graphics Center at the Kansas City Art Institute in the 1980s, where his job description was to take that school, students and faculty into the computer age.

During the late 1960s and into the mid 1970s, Kenvin developed new hardware and software processes for two light shows. Mikel Covey and Harvey Warnke were his first partners in a light show named "Flash & Edison". They developed the first remotely controlled light show hardware and film processes allowing more controlled use of artwork in the light show.

Kenvin's second partner was Richard Taylor in a light show called "Rainbow Jam". Rainbow Jam carried the Flash & Edison concepts a generation further with keyboard controls and registration procedures that allowed precise layering of motion and still images and the capability of playing the graphics in real-time like a big visual piano.

With these unique shows he and his partners performed with many of the legendary bands of the sixties including It's A Beautiful Day, Santana, Commander Cody, Ike & Tina Turner, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Big Mama Thornton and a large number of shows with the Grateful Dead.

These partnerships were unusual in that they also created posters for many of the same promoters that they did light shows for. Alone and with his partners, Kenvin created many concert posters for events in Utah and elsewhere. Several of these are now among the most recognized and collected posters done by Utah artists.

He was active in helping to develop optical processes which were used in print and electronic media throughout the world. These processes, known by such names as "painting with light" and "optical effects", became one of the most fundamental models for the development of digital technology that dominate today's film, electronic and print media.

His corporate commissions include CBS Records, ABC Records, Jet Records (London), ABC Television, NBC Television, CBS Television, Paramount Studios, Columbia Pictures, Levis, and Coca Cola.

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