steve kefauver

Steve Kefauver, nephew of Senator Estes Kefauver from Tennessee, was born in Baltimore in 1952. His family soon moved to Philadelphia where, in the second grade, he had is first work published in a local newspaper. In 1962, his family moved to Salt Lake City. He continued his artwork there concentrating on military aviation until 1967's Summer of Love when his interests drastically changed. While in Texas, he discovered San Francisco area posters which he still collects and have continued to influence his own art.

By 1970, he was back in Salt Lake City doing art for local head shops including Tape Head Company and the General Store. He was drafted in 1972 and discharged in 1974, having served in Germany, thanks to Nixon's de-escalation of the War in Viet Nam. His collecting continued in Germany where he was able to find copies of many obscure posters. He also did artwork in Germany, including Uncle Sam Rat cartoons for local school children. Returning once again to Salt Lake City in September of 1974, he continued to do art for local businesses.

His next move was to Grand Junction, Co. where he lived for 12 years working and doing art for local Rock & Roll clubs. While there, he also worked in an art gallery part time doing commercial art work for them. He did a series of travel posters for Oceanside California Convention and Visitor Bureau. Connections made while at Snowbird and Freestyle Ski posters got him involved with the ski resort industry and has been ever since.

In 1991, he moved to Reno, Nevada where he lives with his wife Stephanie. There, he concentrated on his job in the ski industry and has only recently gotten back into his art.

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